Music Memos LP: Releasing September 2018 in conjunction with Forged Artifacts

Previous Releases: Two Covers: June 2018 3: December 2017
Had a Dream: April 2017
Covers: June 2016 Yucca Street: Februrary 2016
(the dog tape): April 2015
Santa Cruz EP: May 2014

Label: Forged Artifacts
Influences: Pavement, Destroyer, 
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Press Contact: Graham Bell



Originally formed by a group of visual artists, Dead Painters has evolved into a cohesive unit that draws upon both the mundane and miraculous of the everyday. Made up of Oliver Beardsley (percussion), TC Brownell (bass, vocals, keys), Marlene Bowles (guitar), and Japeth Mennes (vocals, guitar, bass), the band treads the line between moody melancholy and triumphant bouts of self-reflection. Together, they write songs about people like them who are trying to make sense of an increasingly fickle world. Mennes notes, “I think we all share an interest in writing songs that combine aspects of portraiture (of people we may or may not know personally) along with a dose of autobiography.” By leaving room for interpretation, Dead Painters more directly connects to their audience.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, the band’s members take full advantage of that thriving scene, contributing to various other projects and supporting fellow musicians like Wild Pink, Yazan, Plates of Cake, and Nathan Xander. Having played at venues like Baby’s All Right, Alphaville, and the now-defunct Silent Barn, Dead Painters is a consistent musical presence, and actively works to seek out like-minded artists. Their ability to vacillate between quietly introspective subtleties and bursts of energetic commotion helps to define a multilayered sound that is equal parts guitar-driven pop and thoughtful experimentalism.

‘Fool on Fire’ is the first single from Dead Painters’ forthcoming sophomore record, ‘Endless Idle’. Based loosely around the Hal Hartley film “Henry Fool,” the song wakes like an early New York morning and quickly builds to a swell of nostalgic keys helped along with Mennes’ beseeching baritone. Building on events as oddly interconnected as navigating the streets of Queens and seeing ‘Henry Fool’ star Parker Posey on a bus, ‘Fool on Fire’ sets the tone for the album by crafting a lyrical and sonic narrative that builds on the band’s previous offerings. Recorded with Jason Meagher at Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York, this is Dead Painters’ first release on Rue Defense.