LP: Hyberbola
Released April 5, 2019

Label: Rue Defense
Genre: Indie Rock
Influences: Silversun Pickups, Slowdive, Blonde Redhead
Location: Portland, OR

Cabin Fever

(Single-Released Nov. 29, 2019)

Starry Night

(Single-Released Mar. 15, 2019)


(LP-Released Apr. 5, 2019)

Press Contact: Graham Bell

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comeherefloyd (Single Premiere)
Indie Obsessive (Single Review)
Mystic Sons (New Music)


The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Blake Hickey, Cowboy Dinosaur is anything but spare. Started as a bedroom project to ease feelings of depression, isolation, and social anxiety, Cowboy Dinosaur has morphed into a conversation about confronting those issues and the catharsis of music. Based in Portland, OR, Hickey has tapped into the communal energy of the area, and has become part of the music scene as a former guitarist for the band The Late Great and as the owner of a guitar pedal company, Blakemore Effects. Establishing connections within the music world and beyond has influenced Cowboy Dinosaur’s sound by foregrounding the need for personal interaction within our daily lives. Pulling from sources as varied as Silversun Pickups, Slowdive, and the chorus of Garbage’s 1995 hit “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”, Hickey’s first release is full of over a decade of virtuosic guitar playing and lyrical introspection.


Written during a massive snowstorm one winter in Portland, OR, Cabin Fever reminisces on the eerie quiet and emptiness of the city. Themes of isolation and introspection mix readily with strained vocals and guitars as Hickey takes the listener through the cold streets. Recorded in his home studio, the track has a powerful energy that feels like the exultant cry of the last person left on earth. Cabin Fever is a standalone single in anticipation of Cowboy Dinosaur’s 2020 sophomore release.


Hyperbola is the first album from Cowboy Dinosaur, and was inspired by Hickey’s constant moving over the course of a decade until he settled in Portland, OR. Feeling disconnected from others as he travelled, Hickey turned inward and used music to more fully come to terms with himself and who he was as a person. The title comes from the idea of two people coming into close contact with each for a short amount of time and then gradually parting ways again. The tracks were written and recorded by Hickey in his home studio with drums on several tracks recorded by Bryan Tewell at Moonbase Studios in Nashville, TN. Additional percussion was recorded by Alex Skyles on ‘I Won’t Stay’.

The first single on Cowboy Dinosaur’s debut LP, Starry Night is a dialogue about holding patterns. One of the first songs Hickey ever wrote for the project, it deals with the idea of two people in a relationship that has plateaued but continues anyway. A base of driving distortion and drums accompany lyrics that paint a picture of depression dealt with through alcohol, while the melancholic tone of the song is pushed toward one of a hopeful future through searing guitars.